Monday, April 25, 2016

The quest goes on

Well I spent 3 digits on fabric today, but if you're doing your own living room curtains, and working on creating some 'sofa wraps' because replacing a cat clawed corner love seat isn't worth replacing. So truly this is a cheap redo. The curtain fabric, the eye, ugh! I love it! This is a perfect one for the front window curtains, and my glass doors behind me. This will be awesome. I just want to make sure I make them just right, so they are a good thing and not a pain in real life use. This in my mind translates into them hanging above the floor behind me, but not dragging on the floor. The front will have white sheers hanging from a tension rod and then the drapery will hang in front of it and I'll be making tie backs so we can let light in, but keep out vision at night. Should be a lot of fun to see next fall.

I wish this store wasn't closing, today I bought the 2 yard piece of that purple micro-suede I promised myself I'd get. And then there was the huge 18 yard cut of the silvery eye fabric. That will serve me well I think. And then I got 9 yards of the beige micro-suede for making sofa wraps. I will post more on these things as I get through them, and get them on paper. I am really looking forward to a purple newsboy, so that will be the next one cut out and most likely next sewn up. Isn't this fabric haul awesome? I included how I sealed it up and dated and cataloged it before putting it into the fabric vault. That's what I've named my walk-in closet, John's and my little fabric vault and today we made a nice little investment deposit to it.

This is a little like what I'm aiming for with the curtains. When I get this new hat cut and sewn I'll update with it. But for me, the search for the perfect newsboy hat goes on. 

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