Sunday, May 1, 2016

New news boy hat for me and a bucket hat for Mother, for Mother's day

The great thing about seeing a few projects ahead by having numerous ones already cut, organized and ready to sew, is that you can pick whatever project suits your mood. Top of my life was to make at least 3 news boy hats to replace my beloved broken in denims. I have a few cut out, but the micro-suede was my first choice. I made one in camel and it's awesome, hasn't left my head in three days from the moment it literally was being finger pressed fresh from the machine. I have bucket hats cut out too, and this one will get a little bit more personalizing before it goes with Mom home. We picked out a lovely ribbon, rainbow jigsaw to support autism awareness and I'll be setting the brim a bit with the walking foot, and the quilting guide, sewing a few circles around it's brim.

Here's a look at how I stored it in our project box:

That is a gallon sized plastic storage bag and it's perfect for like 4 hats, cut and ready to sew. Here is my news boy, I'll post on it soon but I have to make it a custom ribbon out of this gorgeous fury leopard fabric I just had to go grab 3 & 1/2 more yards of. The store closed this weekend and I'm rather sad. I brought my newsboy and let her look at it and she made a point to have her husband hold it and feel it too. They were pretty impressed with how well the fabric worked in a hat application.

If I am able to really make this hat sing, and work better, I'll be very happy.Take a look at the way I notched it before I joined the lining to the cap fabric: 

Unfortunately, not every top stitched hat goes according to my best hopes and I miss entire bits in this same location. I've never had any complaints about my hand stitches though, so I am always able to close up such mistakes, but it's the mistakes that should hold the sewing lessons for us. This one had too large of a brim. Now that I didn't use my good fabric, as in the purple or black micro-suedes, I have tested the pattern in this fabric and found some things I need to do in order to make these work in this pattern.

I'll be using this leopard fabric here to make a custom hat band on this one: 

As for the bucket hat, here's the two caps sewn up and ready to set together.

As you can see I've been a busy little bee for the past three days sewing. I am looking forward to finishing both of these. I'm getting myself the coolest gift for Mother's day. And the fact it's a clamp means I can move it easily from in my sewing area here to out by my spot in the main house where I like to hand sew. I think it will be a great asset for my hobby. Magnifying Lamp Clamp Hope everyone has a great end to their weekends, I'm going to clean this morning, and then veg out in my sewing area. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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