Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Project: single paneled drapery replacing vertical blinds

Wow, I've been busy, we have totally rearranged two major rooms in our home in the past week and more to come. I am going to be making a single panel to hook up to the current vertical blinds track, that way we can still use the pull/push bar to slide the curtain back. I've been wanting to work on this for awhile, but did not think my mother's Necchi Supernova would handle it well. Lucky for me I picked up a vintage Singer 201-2 in December and haven't stopped sewing since. Here is my fabric choice, you can see from the first photo the whole pattern, but we chose a cream color rather than the deep rich brown in this first photo. Isn't it an amazing fabric?

I borrowed this awesome book from the local library, if I needed a book on interior decorating windows and window treatments, this would be the one I'd have to own. It's really great, so check your library, they are a great resource for getting your hands on good books for how to sew. There are just so many techniques to learn with regards to sewing, particularly for window treatments and curtains. If you want to learn about the wide variety of options out there, check it out:

Here is the dinning room and a partial view of the glass doors, followed by a full on view of the glass doors. I have regular drapery hooks and will use 3" wide drapery tape that I bought when I bought the hooks and fabric. Cannot wait to update with the finished set up.

This is after the treadmill came out here to live, and got out of my bedroom where I have my desks set up. One for the computer and a television, and the other with my sewing machines. 

Hoping to make it today, without lining, and get it hung by dinner time. If so I'll edit a photo of it hanging in here so you can see it all set up. Have a great day everyone and thank you for checking out my sewing blog today. 

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