Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Huff n' Cuff's Free Taylor Unisex Bag

I know it's been a long time since I posted, things have been going on, but I finally found time to finish my first Taylor. I love it. It wasn't a hard bag to sew, but I did do it a bit different from the pattern. I didn't have anything on the outside, going for an inner slip pocket instead. Next time I might try adding a zipper and a second magnetic button for a slip pocket on the outside. I love the results here. I'll jump right in, I will be making a Taylor using the cool animal fabric next time. I went with my favorite leopard print and black vinyl  this time. Here's the parts cut, and interfaced, which took me about an hour to do. I sat each time for about an hour.

This was my first ever magnetic button, and I am very pleased it worked out as nicely as it did. If you're intimidated by putting in one of these, don't be, if you take your time and make sure the hole you dig through isn't too large you'll do fine. I love the results.

Here is the inner slip pocket pinned down. I interfaced this as well as doubled it over and folded under the raw edges. I love my vintage Singer 201-2, it didn't even hiccup doing any of this until the final top stitching on the almost finished bag.

I did this bag in three sittings, not counting interfacing time and fabric cutting. Here was the result of the second sitting:

Here it is with the strap and hardware on it:

Here is the finished lining with the slip pocket sewn in:

Attaching the lining to the exterior according to the pattern directions:

Final top stitching:

And finally, the finished bag!

I hope you like it, next time I'll be adding the front zipper pocket, but this time I wanted clean lines to experiment and I am so glad I did. I hope you liked this bag as much as I do! If you are looking for a cool little cross body bag, this one is charming and I love what my fabric choices ended up like this time. Next time I'll be doing the animal jungle fabric. Here's a link to the free pattern:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great bag! You took your time and it came out beautiful!

    1. Thank you Debi! I am really pleased with it. ♥