Thursday, February 9, 2017

Quickie Eye Mask

I use a CPAP machine at night, and have a Himalayan salt lamp I leave on, so it makes a fair amount of light. I had a mask I bought for a dollar at the Dollar Tree, and it just wasn't wide enough to go over my full face mask over the part that's over my nose and brows. This isn't a big project, but it's one that will get used nightly and I thought it was worth sharing how I did it. Here you can see the parts and elastic I used, I cut this about 2 & 1/2” wider than the mask I bought.

And you can see here where I have the two sides pinned in, with the elastic I roughly measured to fit around the back of my head, with the mask, minus seam allowance. I made sure the elastic was set properly with pins so that I could back tack over it about 5 times and make sure it wasn't going to just rip out on me. I used an area about 3 & 1/2” wide to turn it right side out through, up top along the one seam where it is a more gentle curve.

After sewing it, turning it, and then giving it a good press, I top stitched it, closing the turning opening shut. It might not be the prettiest eye mask around, but boy does it keep the light out! And compared to my old worn out mask it might last longer because of being made with denim and cotton, rather than the satin and terry cloth the old one was made from.

Here is a shot of it laying over-top of my mask so you can get a better idea of why the old one wasn't keeping the light out. You can see it was much too small when put over the bulky face mask. This works great. Hope you liked this little project, I figured something small, just to get an hour on the machine would be fun. I did most of it by turning the hand wheel, so I could control where the stitching went.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and if you use a CPAP and need something like this, it's not hard to do. Give it a shot, it's a useful project if you have any kind of night light in your room. 

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