Monday, April 10, 2017

Baker Street Bags: Mastering the pattern

I wanted to show how I am progressing in my bag making, here's my first Baker Street bag, a free pattern on Craftsy by Sew Sweetness. I made the Kennedy bag, but this one is one I'll probably use more now. It's a recessed zipper and I am finally getting confident in doing those thanks to Sara Lawson's great pattern directions. Without further comment I'll just photo bomb you with the bags in order, and on the third one, progression photos.

Hand basted zipper panel:

Birthing hole for the bag: 

And the finished bag!

Best advice I can offer on this one, not just go slowly around the curves, but to clip them, it really does help and my animals one is the best so far because I did clip them. Really happy with it. Thank you for checking out my Baker Street Bag blog post. I really had fun with these and will be making two more with the denim gussets. I did them up in a batch, along with the linings for a second one like this for my dear friend Lisa C. I know she'll love it and I couldn't help but to start on it and one for her sweet daughter. I am blessed by her friendship over the years. Thanks for coming by Sight Unsewn and I hope you try this pattern! It's a quick and fun bag to sew!

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